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Hydra Filter Screen Filters

Hydra Filter screen filters provide high quality filtration. The filtering element is a screen; it allows retaining the solids of higher or same size than the filtration grade. The filtration grades are from 50 to 3000 microns for different sources: waste water, surface water (rivers, lakes), underground water, etc.

There are several kinds of screen used in HF filters: cells, perforated element and wire element with tapered holes.

The filtration is made by the flowing of water through the filtering element and the retention of the suspension solids in the screen of the same.

The range of products includes:

Automatic Filters
AF200-Automatic hydraulic filters
AF-200E Automatic electric filters
AF-800 Automatic hydraulic filters
AF-9800 Automatic electric filters
AF-900 Automatic electric filters
AF 700-7500 Automatic electric brushes filters
Semi Automatic Filters
SA-500C Compact Semi-automatic suction filters
SA-500B Semi - automatic brushes fiilters
SA-500S Semi-automatic suction filters
Mega Filters
Brushes Mega
Hydraulic Mega
Electric Mega
Sand Separators (Hydrocyclones)
F-700 Sand Separators (Hydrocyclones)


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