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Since 1991, Hydra Filter provides comprehensive water treatment solutions backed with in depth expertise and extensive services. The approach is to bring to you total technical solutions, which takes into consideration the chemical, mechanical and operational aspects of the plant and ultimately delivers an effective and optimized program to reduce the total cost of operation.

Hydra Filter has extensive experience in industrial water treatment. We constantly meet with a diversity of water-related challenges. This has provided us with an unsurpassed bank of knowledge. 

Water is a very important medium in a wide range of industries. Water needs to be treated prior to entering the process to ensure that its quality and properties will support the industrial process as effectively as possible. 

Furthermore, industries that use large amounts of water, such as steel, food & beverage, etc., now prefer to recycle and reuse water to an increasingly high degree, thereby reducing water consumption as well as pollution – all of which lead to cost reductions. 

Hydra Filter offers a comprehensive suite of industrial water treatment, water purification, water filtration and water softening services for industrial, governmental and commercial businesses. From feedwater pre-treatment to nanofiltration, we have the technology and expertise you need.

​Our products and systems for the industrial water treatment market include: