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About us

Clean water has always been the most basic criteria to a person’s well being. But slowly this is turning out to be a dream as rapid increase of pollutants that flood lakes, rivers, oceans and ground water are posing a big question mark towards sustaining a healthier and longer life. We have with us services of dedicated staff that judiciously blend their experience & cutting edge technology to provide water, waste water, effluent and sewage treatment plants that assure clients of a better and healthier life.

Reverse osmosis in industrial water treatment  Ultrafiltration in industrial water treatment

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality water treatment plants ranging from basic water softeners and reverse osmosis equipment to customer specified complex water treatment solutions, from providing pure clean water to local communities and cities, to constructing and running completepurification plants for industries. Hydra Filter is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive water treatment solutions. Our vast knowledge, resources and capabilities enable us to create and implement entire water facilities of any scale. This includes the research and development, design, manufacturing and customer support as well as project management, training and knowledge transfer.

Reverse osmosis production Ultrafiltration production Reverse osmosis production