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Screen filters SA500C

Semi-automatic compact suction screen filter SA500CApplications: Semi-automatic compact suction filters with inlet/outlet with a 90º axe.

Standard Characteristics:

  • Filter element: - Stainless Steel screen AISI 316 mesh, supported by a PVC cylinder.
  • Available filtration: from 80 micron
  • Filter housing material of construction: Carbon Steel ST37.2
  • Pre-treatment: sand blasting up to Sa 2.5 grade
  • Exterior & Interior coating: electrostatic oven baked polyester-epoxy powdercoating with a thickness of 150-200 micron
  • Connections: VIC, Threaded socket and Flange
  • Maximum recommended working pressure: up to 10 bar (145 psi).
  • Minimum operating working pressure during flushing: 1 bar (14.5 psi)
  • Equipped with a mechanical DP which indicates when the pressure difference of 5m is exceeded
  • Clean screen pressure loss: up to 0.1 bar (1.45psi)


Water flows through the inlet along and through the cylindrical screen trapping the solids on the screen. The filter can be manually cleaned while still pressurized and without removing the screen. The operator cleans the screen by opening the flush valve and turning the handle, fully up and the back down. As a result the suction nozzles traverse the entire screen removing trapped debris. The whole process takes a few seconds.

1. Handle 
2. Flushing chamber 
3. Body cover 
4. Screen 
5. Collector 
6. Suction nozzle 
7. Body outlet 
8. Pressure indicator
9. Flushing manual valve

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